Best Resources for Web

Some Resources for Hand-Crafting Beautiful and Performant Websites


Free Privacy Policy Generator

Effortlessly create a Privacy Policy with Privacy Policy Generator. Safeguard user data and comply with privacy regulations seamlessly.

Cookie Generator

Cookie Generator is a powerful tool designed to enhance website personalization and user experience. With just a few clicks, you can generate and manage customized cookies

Make some waves!

Waves Shape Designs for your website! Elevate your online presence with visually stunning and modern wave-inspired graphics.

Box Shadow CSS Generator

Create stunning box shadows effortlessly with Box Shadow CSS Generator. Elevate your website's design with customizable shadows in just a few clicks.

Real favicon Generator

Just upload an image and this tool creates favicons for your website for all platforms.


Woorank is a comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis tool that provides valuable insights and reports to improve your website's performance and visibility.

SVG Sprite

SVG Sprite is a popular method for managing and displaying scalable vector graphics efficiently, enabling developers to optimize performance while maintaining flexibility and scalability in web design.

Gradient Maker

A gradient generator is a tool or application that helps create custom gradients for web design. It allows users to select colors, choose gradient types (linear, radial), adjust directions, and generate the corresponding CSS code.

CSS Gradient

A gradient generator is a tool or application that helps create custom gradients for web design. It allows users to select colors, choose gradient types (linear, radial), adjust directions, and generate the corresponding CSS code.

Best cheatsheets Coll

Whether you need to quickly recall syntax, methods, or concepts, these cheatsheets provide a convenient resource to enhance your productivity and understanding in the world of technology.


Blobmaker is a tool for creating customizable abstract shapes, popular in graphic and web design.


Glassmorphism is a design trend featuring frosted glass-like UI elements with transparency, blur, and subtle highlights for a modern, immersive look. and you can easily create form this site.

HTML5 Resources

HTML5 Reference by MDN

You don't need to know every HTML element. I just use this excellent reference all the time.

w3schools HTML

Learn HTML from the renowned resource: W3Schools. Master the fundamentals of HTML and unlock the power to build captivating web pages.

HTML Tutorial

Learn HTML from the renowned resource: tutorialspoint. Master the fundamentals of HTML and unlock the power to build captivating web pages.

CSS Resources

CSS reference

As with HTML, you don't need to know every CSS property. Use this reference instead.

CSS3 Reference by Codrops

An extensive CSS reference with all the important properties and info to learn CSS from the basics

Can I Use?

Up-to-date browser support tables for front-end technologies on desktop and mobile browsers.

30 CSS Selectors by Tutplus

I find myself using this handy list of the 30 most important CSS selectors from Tutplus all the time.


A small tool to help you using the new and powerful clip-path property.

CSS easing functions

An amazing collection of easing functions bo be used in CSS transitions and animations.

CSS Tricks

CSS-Tricks is a popular online resource and community dedicated to all things CSS.

JavaScript Resources

JavaScript Reference by MDN

Discover the comprehensive JavaScript Reference by MDN. Unleash the full potential of JavaScript with a trusted resource that provides in-depth explanations, code examples, and browser compatibility information.

JavaScript Event Reference

Explore the JavaScript Event Reference for a comprehensive guide to JavaScript events. Dive into a vast collection of event types, properties, and methods, and gain a deep understanding of event handling in JavaScript.

DOM Manipulation Reference

Unlock the power of DOM Manipulation with this comprehensive reference guide. Master the art of dynamically interacting with web pages using JavaScript to create, modify, and manipulate elements in the Document Object Model (DOM).

JavaScript Design Patterns

For more advanced developers: learn all common JavaScript design patterns. Perfect reference.

Fonts and Typography Tools

Google Fonts

Discover the world of Google Fonts: a vast collection of free, high-quality, and easily accessible fonts for your website or project.


The best, 100% free fonts for commercial use. Another well-known huge font library.

A Pocket Guide to Typography

Amazing resource to learn about typography. Learn typography basics in less than 30 minutes.

Custom font to web font

when you have custom font and want use in web you can convert your custom font for web.

Great Colors and Tools

Open Color

An open-source color scheme, optimized for UI. My go-to resource to choose colors from scratch.

Flat UI Colors

A good starting point for choosing a flat design color for your next project.

Material Palette

Yet another set of colors, inspired in material design. Generate and download your palette.

LOL Colors Palettes

Curated color palettes inspiration. Another source for great color palettes.

Coolors Contrast Checker

Tool to check whether two colors have a good contrast ratio. Essential for building accessible websites!


A very popular tool which allows you to create color combinations that play well together.

Images and Videos


Unsplash: Free, high-quality stock photos for your creative projects.


Pexels: Free, high-quality stock photos and videos for your creative needs.

ISO Republic

ISO Republic is a popular platform providing a curated selection of high-quality, royalty-free stock photos and videos.


Pixabay: Free high-quality images and videos for your creative projects.


unDraw is a popular platform that offers a collection of customizable illustrations for various design projects.


DrawKit is a renowned platform that offers a diverse range of beautifully crafted, customizable illustrations and vector graphics.

Random User Generator

Random User Generator is a handy tool that allows you to quickly generate random user data for testing and prototyping purposes.


Coverr is a popular platform that offers a vast collection of high-quality, royalty-free stock videos for various creative projects.

Best Icons and Tools


Ionicons: Customizable, high-quality icons for web and mobile applications.

Hero Icons

Hero Icons: Modern, versatile icons for web and app design.

Phosphor Icons

Phosphor Icons: Modern, customizable icons for web and app design.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a widely-used and highly popular icon library that offers a vast collection of scalable vector icons.

Line Awesome

Line Awesome is a versatile icon library that provides a wide selection of clean and modern icons for your design projects.


Iconmonstr is a popular icon library offering a diverse range of free icons for various design projects.


Flaticon is a renowned platform that offers an extensive collection of high-quality, customizable icons for diverse design projects.

Frontend Inspiration


ThemeForest is a popular online marketplace where you can find a wide variety of premium website templates and themes.


TemplateMonster is an online marketplace that offers a vast collection of website templates, themes, and other digital products.


Dribbble is an online community and platform that focuses on showcasing and discovering creative work, particularly in the fields of graphic design, web design, illustration, and UI/UX design.

Learn Online Video


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses created by industry professionals. Learners can study at their own pace, access course materials from any device, and have lifetime access to purchased courses.


Scrimba is an interactive coding tutorial platform where learners can edit code in the browser and see real-time changes. It offers split-screen video lessons and supports various programming languages and technologies.

React Resource


React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It uses a component-based architecture, a virtual representation of the DOM (Virtual DOM), and JSX syntax.


Vite is a fast build tool for modern web development with instant server start and hot module replacement (HMR).


Material-UI is a popular React component library that implements the Material Design principles.

Ant Design

Ant Design is a comprehensive UI library for React that follows the principles of the Ant Design system.

React Bootstrap

The most popular front-end framework, rebuilt for React.

Framer Motion

Framer Motion is a simple yet powerful motion library for React.

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